I am incredibly grateful for the gift that photography has been in my life. It's a transformative thing to change careers, follow your passion, and to somehow succeed at it along the way.

I'm grateful to the clients who have hired me, and entrusted me to tell their stories through photography. It's great fun to work with them, and it feels somewhat magical to be paid for doing what you love.

I'm especially grateful to the people who have guided, advised, or helped me in one way or another along the way. Our human worlds only exist intertwined, and we could not be who we are in this world without each other.

So, thank you...
  International Center of Photography
Alison Morley
Bob Sacha
Steve Simon
Vincent Laforet
Ed Kashi
Sabine Meyer
Nelson Bakerman
Patrick Harbron
Jonathan Torgovnik
Nadia Masri
Jeff Jacobson
Reportage by Getty Images
Christina Cahill
Annick Shen
Aiden Sullivan
Kerry McCarthy
Patrick Di Nola
Jamie Penney
Mike Davis
Deb Pang Davis
Brian Storm
Jean Francois Leroy
Amy Vitale
Maggie Steber
PDN magazine
Holly Hughes
Lisa Lytton
Hillary Raskin
Nicholas McClelland
Neil Harris
Stella Kramer
Pamela Chen
David Straub
Jennifer Stoots
......and my Mum.